Syrian Refugee Medical Relief Grant

Yale For Syrian Refugees

The United Nations has deemed the conflict in Syria one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century. The lack of medical services within Syria has forced tens of thousands of refugees to travel across the borders to get necessary medical attention. Consequently, refugee camps in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan have seen an influx of impoverished Syrian refugees in need of medical care.

The Yale chapter of Rotary, in partnership with the New Haven Rotary Club and Islamic Relief, is raising funds to supply medical equipment to an emergency clinic for Syrian refugees in Adana, Turkey. Providing these Syrian refugees access to basic, quality healthcare is of utmost importance.

Yale Rotaract is currently in the process of applying for a Rotary Global Grant to fund the project, but we still need help with fundraising! With your assistance, we can make this goal a reality! Donate by clicking the link below!